Yes, I'm available!

Contrary to what you may glean from the headline, I'm not unemployed or looking for a paying day job. I'm perfectly content where I am right now, and they pay me enough to take care of my needs and a modest number of wants. If you are head-hunting for some IT or web shop, please Opens internal link in current windowread this first.

So what am I available for? Essentially I'm available for any sort of projects, as long as I can feel passionate about them or have a lot of fun doing them. Do keep in mind that I'm not a free-lancer in the traditional sense, and that my time is severely limited. So what kind of jobs do I have in mind?

I'm passionate about open source and free software. I'm absolutely convinced that your small to medium-sized non-profit organization, community center, club or museum can either stop illegally using commercial software or save tons of cash by replacing said software with free, legal alternatives that even work better for you.

If you're looking to have your website (re)built, I can help you with the initial stages. I've been in the web field professionally for years, building and maintaining successful high-profile websites for big organizations. In my free time I'd be happy to help your non-profit or community project make your web presence into a success. Note: building a complete web presence takes too much time for me to offer to anyone right now. However, I'd be happy to introduce you to capable and reliable freelancers from my professional network.

My rates

I'm not posting this page to make money. If I like your project enough, I may offer to help you for free but that decision is completely up to me. If I reject your project because I don't like it, or you're simply looking to hire me for professional contracted consulting, you should keep in mind an hourly rate of EUR 100,- without VAT. As I've learned in business: everything is always negotiable, but please don't bother if the above ballpark figure is far beyond your means.