Build a complete mail server on FreeBSD

E-mail is one of the seemingly mundane applications of the internet that everybody seems to take for granted. On the administrative side of things, however, e-mail is surprisingly complex. Especially if you mean to mix in measures to counter spam and viruses, supply users with custom server-based filtering rules, out-of-office replies on steroids, advanced autoresponders and a nice web interface to top it all off.

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Free mediacenter: Arch Linux and XBMC

Have a PC standing around gathering dust? If it's not much older than 3 years, you'll be surprised at how easily you can turn it into the centerpiece of your digital entertainment world 100% free of charge. This series tells you everything you need to know: hardware concerns, getting and installing the right software and finally: how to get your audio from all those plastic discs into your new mediacenter.

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Silicon Graphics workstations

Silicon Graphics Tezro workstation
© Silicon Graphics Inc.

Over the past year I've spent quite some time tinkering with old Silicon Graphics workstations. These MIPS-based UNIX machines have a certain historic appeal for those who are interested in such things. And of course it's always fun to play with gear that used to cost a small fortune to own. Be advised that -should you wish to acquire one- none of these machines are PC's.

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