Area536 :: Rebooted

Nov 7, 2023 - 2 minute read - C64 gamedev

Back to the drawing board, sorry AI

Ok, so scratch the previous post. Generative AI is a nice gimmick but the free version of ChatGPT is not the boon I thought it could be when coding stuff that’s a little off the beaten track. I’m back to coding my own Assembly generator and switched back to Rust for that. As I go, I’m also reconsidering the architecture of the input parser. As it turns out, the idea I had wasn’t all that conducive to being generated automatically by a script and I REALLY want to avoid hand-coding all of the word parsing logic.

So now I’m meddling with so many format macro calls that it’s not even funny anymore, and I’m looking to move to an actual templating engine instead. Tera sounds like a decent candidate for this job. Its notation is a lot like the Jinja2 I mostly know from my work with Ansible so that’s a good fit.

As it stands, unfortunately, ChatGPT didn’t give me the speedup I had hoped for and I’m firmly back to the drawing board with this one. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Once this gets done, it’ll be an enormous leap towards a working game engine. Wiring together the input to the outputs is the next big unknown for now, but we’ll see what dragons live there when I get to it.