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Sep 6, 2023 - 1 minute read - C64 gamedev

EasyFlash lives!

Spending a little bit of time today on my EasyFlash generator. Decided to feed the tool YAML files instead of command line parameters. Defined the YAML spec in the README that goes with the tool.

Got pointed to a working EasyFlash release on Twitter. The tool seems to be almost done now although I have questions regarding endianness and the way the VICE docs interpret this. The docs seem to say big-endian while VICE itself seems to work with little-endian values. It also still needs to pick up the cartridge name from YAML and pull it through the set_name function to have it formatted properly.

Some trial-and-error later and the EasyFlash generator lives. That is, it generates a CRT image that VICE doesn’t immediately balk at for being corrupted in some way. Thinking of renaming the tool to ’Cartman’, one of the most iconic characters in South Park. But next on the agenda is some quality time off this project so I’ll write some more in here later.